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Complete this form to appoint us as a licensed commercial agent
  • I the undersigned confirm that I am an authorised representative for the applicant and appoint CreditorWatch Collect Limited (CreditorWatch Collect) (NZBN 9429030796034) and Slater Byrne Recoveries Ltd (SBR) (NZBN 9429043413584) to act as our licensed commercial agents.
  • This appointment is a continuing appointment and shall cover future work that the applicant may wish to refer to CreditorWatch Collect or SBR. I authorise CreditorWatch Collect or SBR to collect any accounts on the applicants behalf and further allow SBR to instruct solicitors where legal action is required (a separate authority is always obtained before legal action commences as costs are involved with this process).
  • The applicant agrees that CreditorWatch Collect or SBR that may deduct monies held in a trust account on behalf of the applicants including any commissions and/or legal costs or outstanding invoices.
  • The applicant also agrees to the terms and conditions.

Fee Schedule

Debt Amount Commission
$100,001+  5% + GST
$50,001 – $100,000  7.5% + GST
$20,001 – $50,000  10% + GST
$5,001 – $20,000  15% + GST
$1,001 – $5,000  20% + GST
 $500 – $1,000  35% + GST

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