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Guides and Tools

Use our free accounts receivables tools and guides to assess your AR, design best practice workflows and create reminders that really work.
Extra Cash Calculator

If cashflow is stressing you out, calculate how much more money you could have in the bank by automating your accounts receivables.

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Diagnose Your AR

In two minutes discover how much money mishandled accounts receivable is costing you and how to fix it today. 

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AR Automation: The Buyer’s Guide

Understand the benefits of accounts receivables automation, get tips for selecting the right solution and questions to ask to ensure success.

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Stress-Free Cashflow Workbook

Crafted from working with hundreds of businesses, learn how to radically improve your cashflow cycle from quoting to payment.

7 Reasons Your Invoices Are Being Paid Late

Up to 90% of invoices are paid late. Learn tips on ensuring your accounts receivable process has your invoices at the top of customers’ payment lists. 

Assess Your Accounts Receivable

Easy-to-follow checklists and score charts that highlight all the actions you need to take to create a consistent, reliable accounts receivables process.

The Secret to Sustainable Success in AR

Identify your accounts receivables pain points. Get paid faster with less effort by creating a first class accounts receivables process. 

Eight Ways to Solve Accounts Receivable

Evaluate your options when it comes to getting paid faster while protecting your hard-earned customer relationships.

Grow your business, not your debt

Why having good credit control is essential for small business owners and tips for putting it in place.

4 Reminder Emails that Really Work

Set yourself up for success with our basic AR workflow. Then make life easier with our four invoice reminder email templates designed to get you results while maintaining customer relationships.

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Letter of Demand Template

Still not getting a response from your customers after sending a series of invoice reminders? A demand letter is the appropriate next step for invoices that have still not been paid.

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Chasing Money During Tough Times

It can be hard chasing customers for payment when you know they’re struggling. Use our reminder templates that acknowledge the strain your customers might be under, as well as your need to be paid.

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Free Guide

Quickly identify your AR challenges and learn how automation can help

  • Is automated AR right for your business?
  • Key benefits of automating your AR.
  • How to select the right solution for your business.
  • Questions to ask to ensure a quick, successful integration.
Guides was last modified: February 8th, 2024 by Lucy Stewart
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