CreditorWatch Collect training and certification

Understand the credit control skills you’ll have on completing the course

Course overview

The course is typically finished over 2 weeks;

  • Week 1 includes app fluency and workflow certification.
  • Week 2 includes call console certification and secrets to calling Success

You can complete the course in less than 2 weeks if you prefer.

The learning is done entirely online, however, we do offer additional one-on-one training sessions on request.

After you have completed the modules there will is a short feedback questionnaire to complete and then you’re ready to conquer the world of AR!

Learning outcomes

  • You will be introduced to the CreditorWatch Collect app and will be guided step-by-step through the various features of the software.
  • You will receive a comprehensive guide to workflows in CreditorWatch Collect and will be given advice on how to best tailor them to different clients.
  • You will be introduced to the Call Console in further detail and will be provided with knowledge of the various attributes of the Call Console.
  • You will receive information pertaining to the psychology of calling and a first-hand guide from CreditorWatch Collect Accounts Receivable Specialists on how to make successful calls.
Week 1
App fluency

  • General settings
  • Reminder settings
  • Billing
  • Integrations

  • Muting contacts
  • Setting default workflows

  • About collect
  • Terms and conditions
  • Moving accounts to collect
Dashboard overview

  • Aging graph
  • Debtor days
  • Overdue ratio
  • Activity feed
Accounts view and schedule

  • Navigating tabs
  • Filtering contacts
  • Account changes
  • Viewing scheduled reminders
  • Sending scheduled reminders
Workflow certification
Basic set-up

  • Adding a new workflow
  • Creating and editing reminders
  • Workflow escalation (post-reminder steps)
  • Pre-reminders and thank-you’s
  • Selecting the organisation’s default workflow
Workflow changes

  • How to identify and correct workflow issues
Smart vs. Regular workflow

  • Differences between smart and regular workflow
  • Features and benefits of smart workflows
Writing reminders

  • Creating email and SMS reminders
  • Tailoring your reminders
  • Reminder previews
Week 2
Call console certification
Call queue

  • How to view
  • Using filters
Notes and queries

  • Submitting notes and queries
Invoices in call

  • Viewing invoices
  • Resending invoices
  • Adding expected payment dates
  • Adding a dispute
  • Muting/unmuting invoices
Phone call notes

  • Adding phone call notes
  • Using quick response tags
  • Submitting your notes

  • Adding new contact details
  • How to skip-trace
Call report

  • How to view
  • Resolving queries and disputes
  • Sending the report
  • Viewing reports across different dates
Psychology of Debtors
Before calling

  • Getting into the right mindset
  • Approaching B2B
  • Approaching B2C
Dealing with disputes

  • How to navigate a dispute
  • Self-care
Making your calls

  • 3 egos of communication
  • Introductions
  • What to ask vs. what to mention
  • Tricky manoeuvres
  • Parrot technique
  • Power of silence
  • Sorry without saying sorry
  • Black hole of goodbyes
  • Follow up calls

Course evaluation

Each section of each module will have its own quiz to complete:

  • The questions will be either true/false or multi-choice.
  • There is no limit to the number of quiz attempts and the pass rate needed for each quiz is 100%.
  • You will need to complete and pass each quiz before you will be able to proceed to the next part of the training.
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