We’ll make the call.

If you’ve been putting off that difficult call, one of our friendly receivables specialists will politely and professionally call a difficult debtor on your behalf, free of charge. Limit one per customer, some terms apply.

Simply enter your details below, and one of our team will call you to get the details of the call you would like us to make.

How it works

  1. Enter your customers details (using the form on the left)
  2. Attach the invoice or statement
  3. Enter your contact details
  4. We’ll call you to discuss the situation and then make a friendly (or firmer) call on your behalf. Easy!

Our free call service is perfect for customers who:

  • aren’t responding to email reminders
  • who keep making empty payment promises
  • who are difficult to deal with
  • you’re not sure what to do next

“I wasn’t sure CreditorWatch Collect would understand our business or treat our customers with the care they deserve. I was worried they’d be calling from an offshore call centre. Thankfully Megan took the time to learn about our business and our products. And after listening to her calls I now have no reservations about her contacting my customers at any time. CreditorWatch Collect is just like one of our team”

“CreditorWatch Collect has made the dreaded debt collecting part of our business more professional and streamlined. The approach to our clients is friendly, open and positive and we've seen payments hitting our bank account faster.”- Hayley Carter, Laser Plumbing
“We started using CreditorWatch Collect late last year and have halved our average debtor days. We are saving four hours a week on average not having to chase the debts ourselves. A must have for every business.”- Amanda McCallum, Ezylec Electrical Services
“Our cashflow has improved incredibly! We just did not have the time to constantly be chasing people with phone calls and emails for payment of their invoices.”- Carmel Brundrett, JSP Partners
“CreditorWatch Collect has seriously changed the way we do business! I am now in a positive cashflow position and don't have to stress about settling bills at the end of the month. I can recommend this service to any business!”- Justyn Spinner, SpinnerCom Media
“We have only been using CreditorWatch Collect for a few months and already can see a big improvement in our cashflow. Very easy to use and recommend this service to any business.”- Lisa Dugmore, North Canterbury Tyre Services

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