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We’ll make the call.

Say goodbye to phone tag

Calling debtors can be difficult. But who says you have to be the one to do it? Our friendly, dedicated professionals will call your customers on your behalf, keeping your relationships sweet. All calls are made as if we’re part of your extended team.


Select the customers you want us to call, or use rules to assign automatically.


Monitor call notes and recordings, so you can stay in the loop at every stage of the process.

Save time

Seamless escalation from email reminders to phone calls, so no invoice gets left behind.

Hi Jane,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I’ve been reviewing the accounts and see that there is an amount of $5,950 overdue for payment, are you able to have that through to us this week?

Many thanks!

MeganReceivables Manager @ CreditorWatch Collect

Our customers say

“I had called the debtor, my partner had called the debtor and there had been no response. We contacted CreditorWatch Collect and got instant action. I was really impressed.”- Greg, Ash Creative
“CreditorWatch Collect reminds and calls customers that I don’t have time to call. The result is that they pay faster.”- Chantel, SolarQuotes


Prefer to speak to a human?
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How does it work?

Log into CreditorWatch Collect, select the customers you want us to call, then move them to Call. From the Call console you can monitor progress, see call notes and stay in the loop at every step.

Who makes the calls?

Calls are made by our New Zealand-based calling team.

What do we say?

All calls are polite, friendly and made as if we’re part of your credit control team. Taking this approach makes it feel more like a customer service call rather than a collection call.

Are the calls recorded?

Yes, all calls are recorded. We can send you recordings upon request.

How many calls do we make?

Typically only one phone call is required. We’ll call again 7 days later if the invoice (or account) has still not been paid as promised. After two calls the account is assigned back to you for further instruction.

What counts as a phone call?

The phone call must be connected to your customer (or their voicemail) in order consume a phone call credit.

Do you leave voicemails?

Yes. We’ll leave a voicemail after three unsuccessful attempts to speak to your customer.

What if an invoice is disputed?

We’ll log notes in the call history with details of the dispute and assign back to you for further instruction.

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