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About us

We AR awesome.

We work with businesses all over the world, freeing them from the drudge of chasing overdue accounts, helping them improve cash flow and provide better customer service.

About CreditorWatch 

CreditorWatch is Australia’s leading commercial credit reporting bureau with more than 55,000 customers, from sole traders to ASX-listed companies. 

Our innovative end-to-end credit risk management solutions help businesses strengthen their due diligence, mitigate risks and protect cash flow with simplicity and a user-friendly approach. We also provide exclusive credit risk insights, including the monthly Business Risk Index, to help business operators make more informed decisions. 

CreditorWatch Collect 

CreditorWatch Collect is an automated collections solution that helps businesses get paid in a timely manner so they can continue running their business smoothly and focus on innovation and growth. 

Our solution manages how your customers or debtors are prompted for payment. Built-in analytics and reporting help business owners and finance teams prioritise their collections activity to optimise returns, reducing past-due account handling time by up to 50%. 

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About Us was last modified: January 18th, 2023 by Lucy Stewart
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