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The evolution of debtor management

Automate your clients’ collection process from invoiced to paid.
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Grow your revenue
Create a more scalable debtor management service, that you can offer to more clients with greater confidence.
Impress your clients
Boost your clients’ cashflow and give them tools that make debtor management 10x easier!
Empower your team
Give your team with the tools and training to deliver better results with less frayed nerves and wasted time.

Over 150,000 calls and $2 billion paid faster

Nine years ago, we were the first to launch automated invoice reminders for Xero. Four years ago, we created a world-first; where phone calls (made by real people), could be automated in a workflow just like email reminders. Now, we’re giving you everything we’ve built, in a single platform; so you can offer an efficient and effective debtor management solution to your clients.

Automate best practice

Impress your clients by giving them a highly automated solution from reminders, to calls, to debt collection.
  • Mix emails, SMS and phone calls, all in one workflow.
  • Create unique workflows for specific customer groups.
  • Access our library of best practice templates.
  • Eliminate manual work and human error.

Track debtors with ease

Stay on top of debtors from start to finish. Respond faster and adapt your approach as you go.
  • Filter overdue accounts by age, workflow and next action.
  • Find opportunities to boost your client’s cashflow, fast.
  • Identify at-risk accounts and take action sooner.
  • Escalate and take firmer action when required.
Call Console

Call with confidence

Get up-to-speed and on the phone a whole lot sooner. Everything you need is on one screen, saving you hours every week!
  • See a complete history of reminders, notes, and replies.
  • Record your call notes super-fast with quick-response tags
  • Save new contact details and pin notes for next time.
  • View and resend invoices in a click. 
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Call Report

Update clients in a click

Show clients the great progress you’re making and flag disputes or queries that requires their attention.
  • Your call notes are automatically saved to your Call Report.
  • Send your Call Report to clients in a click.
  • Flag queries or disputes that require a response.
  • Eliminate clunky spreadsheets for reporting.
Data Sync

Update your apps & team

Automatically update Xero and your other business apps so everyone’s in the loop.
  • Automatically add notes to contacts in Xero.
  • Add notes, alerts and tasks to your CRM.
  • Alert your team with Slack notifications.
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AR Software for Partners was last modified: April 6th, 2023 by matt
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