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Saved time and removed customer confusion

with AR automation for bookkeepers
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reduction in the total amount overdue
reduction in Debtor Days
reduction in the amount overdue 90+ days


Giving business owners peace of mind

THE BOOKKEEPER Smart Bookkeeping was launched in 2003 by Donna Caulston. Auckland based, it supports businesses across North Shore, Rodney and Hibiscus Coast to proactively manage their accounts. They help business owners reclaim time to focus on the things that matter most to them, not the accounts.

THE CLIENT Established 35 years ago, Kids Klub started out as one after school care programme in Auckland. Fast forward to now and it’s grown to encompass two childcare centres, two before school programmes, three after school programmes and holiday programmes in school breaks. The service provided is essential to many parents juggling work and family life.



High volume, weekly invoicing

Kids Klub is a high volume business which invoices weekly. Maria from Smart Bookkeeping faced three key challenges when it came to this client:

  • An inefficient process – due to the nature of the business, a large amount of time was spent managing a high volume of invoices for small amounts. With an inefficient manual process, the steps to stay on top of accounts and chase payment included tracking spreadsheets, reviewing notes, reviewing Xero accounts and running statements. This was extremely time consuming and ultimately felt impossible to keep track of all the clients and payments properly.
  • A poor experience for Kids Klub parents – invoices were sent weekly from Xero. Parents were quickly confused as accounts often covered multiple children. It was hard for customers to understand what was overdue, what needed to be paid and by when.
  • Not all accounts were chased – so much time was spent manually managing accounts, that when chasing debt the focus was on larger outstanding amounts. Small outstanding debts were ignored as it was hard to justify spending time on them. Particularly if they’d been outstanding for six months or longer.

“CreditorWatch Collect is way better than the manual process I used to run. Previously, I had to run through my notes, check Xero, and run a statement. It was very time consuming.

Now, I can see what’s happened with each account all in one place. I can see what was promised, what was last said, and send a text message if needed. ”

Maria, Smart Bookkeeping


AR automation for bookkeepers

Smart Bookkeeping streamlined Kids Klub’s AR using CreditorWatch Collect’s automated tools for bookkeepers:
  • AR Software – to implement structured, automated workflows that significantly reduced the amount of manual work and time required to keep accounts on track.
  • Sending invoices and statementsKids Klub’s invoices and statements are now sent via CreditorWatch Collect not Xero. Parents now receive one easy to understand reminder that provides individual invoice details but highlights a clear, full amount to pay.
  • Reporting and filters – with CreditorWatch Collect’s dashboard and reporting functions, Smart Bookkeeping can now filter and track debtors by childcare centre/programme. The result is better monitoring of accounts that are behind in payment. Weekly reminder statements are now automatically sent to this debtor group and an automated report in the app makes monitoring their payment progress easy.

“CreditorWatch Collect has cut out a lot of the hideous, mind consuming work.

With CreditorWatch Collect it’s all in one place and my headache is gone.”

Maria, Smart Bookkeeping


Headache gone

Using AR automation for bookkeepers has been a game changer for Maria at Smart Bookkeeping. As a CreditorWatch Collect partner she has:
  • Saved time, with everything she needs to run an efficient AR process in the one tool.
  • Removed invoice confusion for parents, thus helping Kids Klub deliver a better customer experience.
  • Confidence all invoices are being chased, no matter how small or old they might be.
  • Reduced the total overdue amount by 55%.

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