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Keeping calm and collected

Help and resources to help you respond to COVID-19
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How we can help you

Using our invoice reminder templates for COVID-19 (see below)

We’ve created new reminder templates that acknowledges the strain your customers might be under, as well as your need to be paid.

Switching from invoice reminders to statement reminders

Reduce inbox overload, send statement reminders (that shows everything due and overdue) instead of one reminder per invoice.

Dialing things up or down according to your preferences

We can assist you to customize the timing and content of your follow-up process to be extra considerate during this difficult time.

Experiencing hardship?

If you’re experiencing hardship due to COVID-19, talk to us, there may be additional ways we can help.

Use SMS reminders

With more people working from home, and email inboxes becoming overloaded, SMS reminders avoid getting lost in the inbox clutter.

Efficient AR process brings in results during Covid-19

“Our cash flow has improved at a time where you would think if anything it would go the other way” – Chris Price, Ark. Advance General Manager.
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Covid-19 Invoice Reminder Email Templates

Our Covid-19 invoice reminder templates are carefully designed to help you ask customers for money during this time.
Sample invoice reminder templates
Feel free to copy & paste or adapt the following templates to suit
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Feel free to copy / edit / share.
SUBJECT: Re your account with us

Dear {contact.first_name},

We appreciate that COVID-19 is a challenging time for all of us and understand it might be difficult for you to settle your account.

If you are able to settle your account in the next day or so, we’d greatly appreciate it. 

However, if that’s not possible, please reply to this email or phone 99 9999 9999 ASAP so we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Your priority response in this matter will greatly assist our business continuity planning for the coming weeks.

Your account statement follows.

Kind regards,



SUBJECT: Just checking in…

Dear {contact.first_name},

We appreciate that COVID-19 is a challenging and uncertain time for all of us, rest assured we’re doing our utmost to provide continued support to our staff and customers.

If you’re unable to settle your account at this time, please reply to this email as soon as possible, so we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Your attention to this matter will greatly assist our team to plan and cope in the coming weeks.

Thank you.


Adapting to COVID-19
Things you can do to ease the strain
Focus on larger accounts
Larger businesses are often better equipped to deal with a crisis and may be able to expedite payment of your account. You might as well ask!
Send fewer reminders
Your customers will already be stressed, sending more email reminders might add to their burden. Consider sending statement reminders or picking up the phone.
Pick up the phone (or SMS)
A friendly call just to ‘check in’ is a great way to understand how your customers are feeling. Our team is on-hand to help you make these calls if you need.
Send reminders manually
If you’re not able to keep up with daily bank reconciliation or you want to approve all reminders before they’re sent, then switching to manual reminders might be just the ticket.
Try an AR Specialist
If your short-staffed or overwhelmed, our AR Specialists are available on-demand to assist with calls, re-sending invoices, answering queries and more.
Pause for a while
Depending on your situation, you might decide that ceasing reminders and calls for a few weeks is the best way to support your customers during this time.
Talk to a specialist
Get help with account setup, changes and advice for COVID-19
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