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Have you counted the cost of offering credit to your customers?

Opportunity cost

Our research shows that on average for every day late small businesses paid $18,000 of cash is locked up.

Cash you could be using to reduce debt, hire a staff member or go on holiday.

What are you missing out on?

What’s the best use of your cash right now?

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– Using spreadsheets
– Using outlook reminders
– Posting statements
– etc

How we measure success

> Less time wasted chasing late payments
> Fewer invoices sent to debt collection
> Lower interest costs
> Less overall cost of offering credit
> More cash to grow your business
> Happier customers (that spend more)
> Happier, more productive staff
> More time for what you love
Why leave your receivables process in the ‘too hard basket’
– when you can just leave it to us?
Most receivables solutions only do part of the job, leaving you leaking cash and eroding customer relationships without realising it.

Where do your opportunities lie? Complete our 21 point checklist to find out.

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'What a brilliant add-on. I am run off my feet with my work load & having CreditorWatch Collect help by doing something no one likes to do - call to collect money - it's a relief.'- Chrissy Sullivan, Dee Glass
'AMAZING!! Wish I had this 5 years ago when I started my business! Can't thank this software enough!! Good to see continual improvements and additions too, can't wait to see what this can do in years to come.'- Aaron Taylor, Floral Image
'Before using CreditorWatch Collect our admin staff member spent the majority of her time chasing bad payers. Now she spends basically no time on that, leaving her free to assist in other areas. Our cash flow management is better than ever.'- Sian Williams CA, Director – Ease Business Services
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