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We’ll mind your reminders.

Personality goes a long way

CreditorWatch Collect offers a range of customisable reminders that you can tailor for each individual customer based on your relationship with them. Choose from a range of pre-written reminders, from firm to frisky, or create your own to improve your success rate and increase your cashflow.


Select from over 15 pre-written reminders or modify to suit your needs.


Assign an appropriate reminder to each customer to increase your chances of getting paid.


Automate, pause or manually approve reminders to suit your business process.

Monitor your invoices

The Invoices screen gives you a single view of your receivables. You can monitor progress, send and pause reminders, filter and search your overdue accounts, so you’re always in control.

You call the shots

At any time, you can review, schedule or pause upcoming reminders, add your own notes, or review the entire history of a contact or an invoice.

Plus all these great features

Automatic sync

Your information is always up-to-date. CreditorWatch Collect automatically syncs with your accounting software daily.

Consolidated reminders

Save time and effort by automatically grouping multiple invoices into a single, concise reminder.

Sending alerts

Never send a message by accident. With CreditorWatch Collect you’re notified before reminders are sent out.

Pre-written templates

Get your invoices paid like a pro with 15+ professionally written reminder templates ready to go.

Auto or manual

Be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want. Send reminders automatically or approve before you send – the choice is yours.

BCC reminders

Stay in the loop by copying in yourself or your CRM on any reminder.

Thank you emails

Send a thank you email automatically when people pay your invoice.

Custom reminders

Add your own unique flavour by writing your own reminders and set your own schedules for added convenience.

Add call notes

Don’t forget what you’ve said. With CreditorWatch Collect you can add call notes for invoices and contacts.

View history

At any time, see the entire history of reminders and notes for each contact and invoice.

Multiple users

Share the job with others. Invite your team, bookkeeper or credit controller to manage the system on your behalf.

Pause reminders

Pause/resume reminders per contact or invoice at any time, then pick up where you left off later.

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