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Geek IT deals with difficult debts

Geek IT are an outsourced information technology service who help small and medium businesses accomplish big things with their IT, and use CreditorWatch Collect’s Collect product for debt recovery. Their whole enterprise approach is centred around a close partnership with their customers as an extension of their internal IT team. With operational aspects of their business outsourced around accounting and finance, credit control had been tricky for their team, until now. Geek IT Office Manager, Tonia chats with us about how utilising CreditorWatch Collect has transformed their in-house credit control management.

Geek IT team

Leaders at Geek IT

Difficult debts

Geek IT had debts dating back 2 – 3 years, with a handful of particularly difficult customers. The team has not been sure as how to manage these debts, Tonia, who is responsible for credit control said “everyone seems to hide from them like an ostrich with their head in the sand”. Consequently, nothing has been done about these debtors. Understandably, Geek IT were keen to try CreditorWatch Collect’s new product, Collect, where with one-click, a debt can be escalated to a partnering debt collection company.

Tonia understood and empathised with some of the debtors who were in difficult situations, however, they were providing add-on services which Geek IT had already paid. Geek IT were carrying the cost and wages for this work. Tonia needed a friendly yet more forceful way of recovering these debts, some of which they had actively chased for many months, even years with continued non-answered or returned calls, and countless broken promises.

Using Collect

Initially Tonia was a little skeptical about using Collect the first time; but was pleasantly surprised when a $8,850 debt was paid within 10 working days. The Geek IT team had spent considerable time chasing this account over 10 months.

Tonia found Collect “very easy and fast to use.”

“I like the way it’s idiot proof. You are guided through step by step, and you are reminded before you send the debt for collection. You are also reminded of all the checks and balances to do before you send the debtor over to the collection provider, partnered with CreditorWatch Collect.”

Tonia said the collection process with CreditorWatch Collect’s debt collection partner was excellent. They work with you in defining a method to attain the debt, and provide updates on the status of each debt every two days.

Tips for those starting to use Collect

Tonia says “you don’t really need any tips, you just follow the steps and trust that it’s in control, because it is”.


Thank you to the team at Geek IT for sharing their story and helping us create this article.

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