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For a business to succeed across all platforms, they must first break through the barriers of their day-to-day financial commitments. GoFi8ure is a bookkeeping and accounting company, born in 2002 after Lisa Martin noticed a need to educate entrepreneurs on the financial engine of their start-up businesses.

Lisa is the Executive Director and Founder of GoFi8ure. Among her many responsibilities of overseeing the business operations, business development, marketing, managing staff, bookkeeping, client billing and providing training, Lisa also manages debtors (and debtor management). And she swears by CreditorWatch Collect.

GoFi8ure Executive Director and Founder, Lisa Martin

The GoFi8ure team dedicate themselves to ‘swooping’ in to lend a hand to small to medium-sized businesses by arming them with the knowledge they need to grow. Living by the mantra “you didn’t go into business to be a bookkeeper, but we did”™, GoFi8ure is there to give businesses more time to focus on their core business activities.

As a bookkeeper, she’s had plenty of first-hand experience with what happens when you ignore debtors and let them slip through the cracks, so Lisa makes sure that as a business owner, she knows what is going on in the GoFi8ure accounts.

Before CreditorWatch Collect

Debt collection used to be an exhaustive process at GoFi8ure. For each overdue client, four to six phone calls were being made by the Business Development Manager (BDM), and even then, desired results were not being achieved. It wasted time, wasted money, and just generally caused frustration. Lisa realised it was time to invest in a solution, and CreditorWatch Collect was the logical choice.

“Getting CreditorWatch Collect reduced our debtor calling time in half. Previously our BDM would call clients and leave multiple messages requesting payment. Our clients are now quicker to pay thanks to the reminders”, says Lisa.

The result: faster paying customers

No longer is there a need to organise multiple follow-ups requesting payment. Thanks to CreditorWatch Collect’s automated reminders, GoFi8ure’s clients are now faster to pay. With Xero integrating and updating daily, Lisa and her team are always informed with accurate information on their debtors.

With a passion for bookkeeping and wanting to encourage best practice bookkeeping as a highest priority for everyone, Lisa is always telling people about her debt collection solution.

“We are always telling our clients about how great CreditorWatch Collect is and how it can save them time and money”, says Lisa.

And any time they get stuck or have a problem, a team member at GoFi8ure simply picks up the phone and talks to someone who knows their business, understands what they need, and offers timely and relevant solutions.

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