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Reducing overdues by 72%

and delivering sustainable debtor management
reduction in 90+ days overdue.
reduction in Debtor Days.
reduction in total amount overdue.


Helping businesses stay on track

THE BOOKKEEPER Janice Hughes Bookkeeping and Business Support packs a punch. Small but mighty, their skilled team of bookkeepers go the extra mile for their clients. Getting to know them and their business, they take care of the paperwork so owners can focus on their business and not the admin.

THE CLIENT Awarua Synergy are leading suppliers and installers of cost effective, energy efficient products in the deep south of New Zealand. Specialists in taming power bills and creating warmer, healthier homes, they service both commercial and residential customers.



Sustainable debtor management

Before Janice Hughes Bookkeeping took charge, there was no process. Debtor management was ad hoc and, understandably, the client was not on top of their debtors. They wanted to focus on the business, not chasing payment. The situation however, was getting worse not better. Some invoices had been outstanding for over 4 years and the 90+ days overdue was blowing out. Janice Hughes Bookkeeping stepped in to turn things around.

The challenge for Janice and her team was to take on the debtor management and run it in a sustainable way. They didn’t have hours of free time up their sleeve to dedicate to manual reminders and creating lists of phone calls to make. This is where CreditorWatch Collect’s AR automation software and call console tool came in.


Outsourcing to trusted bookkeepers

Janice and her team were already trusted advisors. With intimate knowledge of the business and their customer base, it made sense for them to take on the role of managing debtors. Tackling the lack of process, Janice and her team implemented CreditorWatch Collect’s AR automation software as a first, crucial step. Janice Hughes Bookkeeping understood the business and the different customer types it serviced. With this knowledge they set up four different automated workflows. As customers entered the AR journey, they were channeled into a workflow with messaging and timings that was most appropriate for them.

“It gives us a good process. You go in and you can see, today I’ve got to phone these people. You know what emails are going out too. So when people ring back you know exactly why they’re ringing and what to expect.”

Janice Hughes, Janice Hughes Bookkeeping and Business Support

“Nowadays, hardly anything gets to 3 months overdue because we’ve caught it way before that.”

Janice Hughes, Janice Hughes Bookkeeping and Business Support

With the expertise of the Janice Hughes Bookkeeping team on full display, the results achieved over the past 12 months are outstanding:
  • a 72% reduction in the total amount overdue
  • a 68% reduction in Debtor days
  • an 86% reduction in the amount overdue 90+ days
  • More than 1,700 email, call and SMS reminders have been automated


Cash flow from zero to hero

Handing over debtor management to their trusted bookkeeper and implementing CreditorWatch Collect has meant that 12 months later, the situation at Awarua Synergy is looking so much brighter. With a process in place, Janice, her team and Awarua Synergy were finally able to understand what they could actually expect to get paid, compared to what was showing on the accounts receivables.

“I would highly recommend CreditorWatch Collect to any business. I wish we had implemented this years ago, it has made an enormous difference to our cash flow.

Having the support of Janice Hughes Ltd who set this up and managed the process has us allowed more time to work on the business, thank you Janice and CreditorWatch Collect”

Sumaria Beaton, CEO, Awarua Synergy

12 months in, debtors are very much under control. Janice and her team can offer this important service without having to spend hours on manual reminders and tasks. Awarua Synergy can go back to focusing on their business rather than worrying about cash flow and chasing debtors.

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