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Planting OZ

Planting OZ is a Sydney-based contract planting business. Planting trees, shrubs and grasses is the core of their business, chasing invoices is not… which is why they use CreditorWatch Collect. Now Director Guillermo (Guill) Loza can focus on what he loves: growing plants and growing his business.

Stumped for solutions

As a startup company, Planting OZ decided to process their accounts through QuickBooks, an accounting software package designed specifically for small businesses.

You could say that Planting OZ Director Guill Loza has a passion for growth in all its forms. However, as jobs started to roll in, Guill quickly discovered that many people didn’t pay on time. “I allow 30 days for my clients to pay and sometimes they take a bit longer, and then you have to keep tracking them and sending them reminders”, explains Guill.

This laborious task drove Guill to check out the QuickBooks add-ons store, to see if there were any apps that would cut down on the time he was spending following up debtors. He trialled one app but to no avail – it annoyingly changed the text and format of his carefully laid out invoices and emails.

“I wanted a system that would make sending reminders to clients quick and easy; integrate with QuickBooks; and allow for user customisation”, he says.

Putting down roots with CreditorWatch Collect

Guill revisited the QuickBooks app list and saw discovered CreditorWatch Collect. “I trialled it for a month, and I really liked it”, says Guill, “I thought, this is what I want – they don’t change anything I don’t want them to!”

After using CreditorWatch Collect for four months, Guill and the Planting OZ administration staff have found that it streamlines the process for following up late payers.

With CreditorWatch Collect, Guill can now:

  • Approve and send reminders in a single click
  • Predefine what reminders should be sent at each stage
  • Authorise multiple reminders at a time
  • Be alerted when the next reminder is due
  • Choose to use his own text and formatting for invoices

An extra hour every day

As with any new businesses, Planting OZ believes that time is precious. CreditorWatch Collect has resulted in faster payments, and slashed the time Guill had been spending following up debtors. “I just log in, check everything, press the button and send out all my reminders. I’ve saved around one hour every day”.

Guill highly recommends CreditorWatch Collect for other small businesses. “It’s shortened the time I spend on following up debtors so I can do other things”.

Guill is also thoroughly looking forward to using the CreditorWatch Collect automatic reminders feature, which will help him spend even less time managing debtors and more time doing what he loves – growing his business and transforming landscapes with natural beauty.

Check out their Facebook page at Planting OZ.

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