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WINK Models

A highly-respected Australian talent agency, WINK Models is establishing itself strongly in the corporate and event scene. Having no shortage of diversity among their employees, there are a wide range of models available to reassure companies they can develop the exact image they desire.

In building their customer base, CEO and Founder Taryn Williams quickly realised that WINK were managing a high volume of invoices each week. It was a continuous struggle to ensure that clients were reminded when their bills were due, and more importantly, when their bills were late. That’s where CreditorWatch Collect came in.

Taryn Williams, Founder and Managing Director of WINK Models

Now Taryn loves CreditorWatch Collect and is excited to continue using this powerful tool, leading the company onwards and upwards, as it stamps its mark on television, print and outdoor advertising.

The struggle to reduce debtors

Historically, whilst Xero was helping keep track of WINK’s debtors, it still required time and effort: pulling up the overdue accounts, then sending individual emails or making phone calls to each contact. It became a dreaded task that took time away from the opportunity to build the business and foster relationships. “Outstanding debtors were mounting up”, remembers Taryn.

WINK Models’ management consultant, Neil Livingstone of CFO Advisory recommended CreditorWatch Collect, and Taryn decided to give the service a try.

CreditorWatch Collect to the rescue

WINK Models continues to use Xero, but with the integration of CreditorWatch Collect, they don’t have to worry about manually tracking who owes what. Taryn and accounts manager Sandra Hudson find that CreditorWatch Collect is a quick and easy way to follow up on overdue accounts.

“CreditorWatch Collect has really helped us stay on top of our outstanding debtors, and ensure we’re never in a tight spot with cashflow”, explains Taryn. “It’s a weight off my mind knowing the automatic reminders go out every day, without me having to do anything”.

To put it into real figures: before the introduction of CreditorWatch Collect, Taryn and Sandra would spend laborious hours each week just chasing up debtors – a task no one wants to do. They now have five extra hours each week for their core business activities, that’s an extra hour each week day.

Not only does CreditorWatch Collect save time, as WINK Models no longer needs to personally contact each debtor, but with one click, clients who have already paid their bills won’t be hounded by unnecessary follow-ups. It’s a win for everyone involved.

“It’s allowed us to spend our time doing what we are good at – servicing our clients and taking care of our models”.

“We love working with companies whose focus is making small businesses’ lives easier. It’s like we’re all in it together. CreditorWatch Collect is a fantastic product, with easy integration, and it has really helped our business”.

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