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Put your AR on autopilot

With our automated AR for CFOs, you can scale your collections, prioritize work, boost cash flow and deliver a better customer experience.
Stop wasting hours on manual work
What could your team do with a bit more time in their back pocket? Automating your AR will:

  • reduce repetitive, manual work
  • enable better team collaboration with all you need to chase accounts efficiently in one place
  • free more time to dedicate to difficult accounts and high value work


Automate your reminders process with email, SMS and calls. Free your team to focus on high-value tasks.

Call Console

Like having a virtual assistant to manage your call queue. Save time and make better calls.


At a glance, see how your AR is performing. A springboard for diving into the details if needed.

Debt Collection

For tricky accounts that just won’t budge. Escalate to debt collection and legal services with a click.


Quickly generate debtor reports. See debtor trends and get insights into your cash flow.

AR Training

Online training for your team so they can get results whilst protecting customer relationships.

Take Payments

Customers can pay directly from reminders. Improve the experience for them and payment times for you.

AR Specialists

Need a lifesaver? Our AR Specialists are experts in debtor management, chasing accounts in a friendly way.

Improve your cash flow
With an automated AR process in place it’s a no-brainer that you’ll get paid faster. Our automated AR for CFOs helps you:

  • chase all accounts no matter how large or small the invoice
  • get better visibility over disputes and ultimately resolve them faster
  • understand which accounts need that personal touch to get the results you need
Aged receivables graph in desktop screen. Shows declining trend in 90+ days overdue amount.

Success Stories

Gateway Containers

Gateway Containers

Using CreditorWatch Collect's AR automation software, Catalyst Condos reduced their amount overdue 30+ days by a massive 56%.
Catalyst Condo Management

Catalyst Condo Management

Using CreditorWatch Collect's AR automation software, Catalyst Condos reduced their amount overdue 30+ days by a massive 56%.
Improve your data
Create a competitive edge and find the gold nuggets in your AR data:

  • one source of AR truth via your AR dashboard
  • collate results for board reports in minutes
  • custom filters to help you dive deeper
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